Lovinsa Kavuma
The Founder’s Journey

Lovinsa Kavuma is a British-Ugandan filmmaker, whose work has screened and won awards at multiple prestigious international film festivals in the USA, Europe, Africa, Russia, India, Brazil and South Korea.

Most recently, Lovinsa worked as a Self-Shooting Producer/Director on the ground-breaking FOX television series Phenoms, produced by the production company Fulwell73. Filming in Senegal, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Gabon, France, Germany, Portugal and the UK, Lovinsa followed the personal and professional lives of four African footballers on their quest to represent their countries at the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Lovinsa’s film Rape for Who I Am was the first programme to bring the issue of ‘corrective rape’ in South Africa to mainstream and international audiences. An award-winning documentary, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to attract television distribution deals from Journeyman Picture and Cinema Guild. The documentary was also broadcast as part of the BBC Focus Africa programme.

Having roamed and soaked in the beauty of many African countries, Lovinsa travelled to Zanzibar with her young son. There, she was part of a dynamic team, serving as the Assistant Festival Director for the Zanzibar International Film Festival, East Africa’s largest film and music festival, dedicated to showcasing the best of African talent. While in Zanzibar, Lovinsa made the documentary film Curse of An Addict-Zanzibar, an upfront and personal account of heroin addiction on the island; the film went on to premiere at the Winter Film Awards NY.

Lovinsa holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of the Arts London.

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